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Approved by State Ministry of Justice and State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), China IPwell International Law Firm adheres to provide high quality intellectual property and legal service (prosecution, licensing, transaction, investigation, commercialization, etc) to various clients as a professional intellectual property law firm.  There are closing to one hundred professionals in IPwell, including attorneys of patent, trademark, attorneys-at-law, service personnel for process management and client maintenance.  Correspondingly, there are six prosecution departments of Mechanical, Electronic, Tele-communication, Biological & Chemistry, and Semi-conductor, and departments of Intellectual Property Transaction, Process & Documentary Management, Trademark Prosecution, Copyright Prosecution, and Legal Service.  All departments are leaded by senior attorney and/or attorney-at-law.  Most of the patent and trademark attorneys were ever the examiner of SIPO and CMO who are familiar with the examination process and general judgment tendencies, which ensures our service quality.  ”Service, Support, Salient and Success” is the permanent principle of IPwell.  We are trying our best to provide our clients with more professional legal service in China.

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